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Johnny Cage’s latest masterpiece coming to a console near you

by: Jeremy -
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The latest Mortal Kombat trailer from the crew at Netherrealm Studios features a nice little spin that really makes it feel different than all of the others we have seen. This video, shown below, focuses on the cocky and arrogant Johnny Cage and feels more like a trailer to one of his action films than a promotion for the MK game itself.

Someone out in the Warner Bros. marketing department had their thinking cap on when this trailer was thought out because it is every bit as entertaining as the game itself. We keep getting these short glimpses at the story element of the new game, which appears to be fleshed out extensively. I am anticipating a very deep campaign with a story as deep as the MK lore itself. Maybe I am getting my hopes up but I will remain optimistic about this game until I am proven wrong.

I will admit, while Cage has not been one of my favorite characters in the previous MK titles, I have found myself using him more and more in the demo for the new Mortal Kombat. I really like the tweaks that have been made to his arsenal and the fighting style that has evolved from those changes. He will probably be one of my main characters in the full version when it launchs later this month...

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