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News Roundup 3/31/11: PETA, Madden and Gamestop slipping their tongue down Impulse's throat

by: Dan -
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  • The funniest thing I've read on the internet today (that makes me want to punch a stump in the face)
  • Codemaster shows off banned cars in new DiRT 3 trailer
  • Gamestop buys Impulse...no, it's not an early April Fools day joke
  • Saving the environment while gaming: No longer just a pipe dream. Last chance for Ecotopia closed-beta sign ups.
  • New screenshots for The Cursed Crusade by Altus
  • Harmonix Music Systems and gaming community support Japan recovery efforts
  • PETA trying to get Vick lifted from Madden cover tourney
  • New info released for the weapons in Fallen Enchantress
  • PS3 getting exclusive Virtua Tennis 4 content
  • L.A. Noire’s Slip of the Tongue
  • Activision and Marvel announce Spider-Man: Edge of Time
  • Mega Man Universe...canceled???