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News Roundup - 3/29/11: Kinect with the Lair in the Arctic or Black Cove

by: Dan -
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  • Upon Arrival: Did BioWare blow its DLC load on Lair of the Shadow Broker?
  • GN EIC guests on Co-Opticast
  • Bethesda Softworks and Del Rey Books announce novel based on RAGE
  • First gameplay footage for Pirates of Black Cove released
  • Damn the torpedoes: Paradox Interactive & Turbo Tape games launch first dev diary for Naval War: Arctic Circle
  • Mad Catz and The Who join up to fight cancer
  • Microsoft publishes paper on improving accuracy and lag of Kinect
  • HD Resident Evil titles confirmed for US
  • Splinter Cell Trilogy hiding in the shadows until June
  • Antec and Paradox and Strategy First donating money to Japan Relief via online stores
  • WWE All Stars slams into stores, has a launch trailer
  • Saints Row: The Third screenshots at Game Informer
  • Red Faction:Armageddon Pre-Order bonuses revealed
  • Angry Bird:The Movie as made by Michael Bay