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News Roundup - 3/28/11: Impressions of the 3DS

by: Dan -
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  • Four on the Floor: Nintendo 3DS Software Impressions
  • Gaming site talkin' 'bout music: Sony spotlighting its new streaming music service
  • Special Darkspore closed beta opens today
  • Mortal Kombat DLC announced
  • Mad Catz reveals full 3DS product line
  • Pilotwings Resort - First Impressions
  • Capcom confirms Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and demo for Revelations
  • InXile Entertainment Announces Choplifter HD
  • F1 2011 Coming in September
  • Now Loading for the Week of 3/27/2011: Glasses-free Edition
  • Quick Hits: Nintendo 3DS Hardware Impressions