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How about a little Kratos gameplay for MK fans?

by: Jeremy -
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Warner Bros. has finally released a trailer highlighting actual gameplay footage of Kratos in the new Mortal Kombat game. We have seen various pre-rendered footage of the Spartan in the MK realm before, but this marks the first time that we see him actually being used.

Judging by the footage in the video below, Kratos should fit in just fine with the MK universe. The brutality of Kratos’ fighting style fits perfectly with the new design of the game; the NetherRealm staff even went as far as including some major Kratos ‘ God of War gameplay elements into his controls, including what appears to be a quicktime event-style special move. The one thing that I really like is the inclusion of Kratos’ launcher for throwing oppoentns into the air, as well as his ability to follow them up there to complete an air combo. I can easily see Kratos rising to the top of the list of many gamer’s favorite playable characters...

Source: TRMK

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