ESRB says no to great logo (for cover)

by: Jeremy -
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The ESRB sure is getting picky as they have denied the proposed cover art for the upcoming Dead Island, or at least the title logo which was planned for the cover. The ingenious logo design for Deep Silver’s creation has been deemed too disturbing by the ratings board and must be changed prior to release.

The now banned logo, which appears below, is one of the best that I have seen in years. I find that it speaks volumes about the game and give major kudos to the marketing department for designing such a logo. Other regions’ rating boards have approved the design, such as Europe, but the ESRB which governs North America has not approved. According to the game’s publisher, the image will still appear within the game, just not on the cover or on promotional materials for the title.

That is really too bad because I think that the original design really stands out and makes a statement...

Source: Kotaku