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Trine updated to v1.09

by: Russell -
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Though Trine 2 is coming this summer Frozenbyte has announced that they have released a patch for Trine to put it at v1.09.  The patch has been available to Steam and Impulse and is now available for retail versions and can be downloaded at http://www.trine-thegame.com/.  This patch:
  • adds support for iZ3d.
  • adds European Portuguese language support (text-only), thanks to Portugalacoes (Alice Alexandre & Joao Rodrigues).
  • adds Romanian language support (text-only), thanks to Radu Petru Istrate.
I haven't played Trine in a while but it's on my list of games to get back into when time allows.  I like the concept of switching between three characters when the situations call for it and while this patch wouldn't do much for me it seems, I'm willing to see what changes have been made since I picked it up last year.