Home is where the war is: Homefront launch trailer

by: Jeremy -
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THQ has released the final promotional trailer for Homefront before its release this week. The new trailer, shown below, more than shows that Kaos’ new title is bringing the firepower to this battle.

Homefront is written by John Milius, who is perhaps best known for the work he contributed to writing modern film classics such as Apocalypse Now and Red Dawn, as well as the film adaptations of The Hunt for Red October and Clear and Present Danger. The stellar writing and storytelling is one of the game’s strong points as players experience life in the near future when the United States is occupied by Korean Forces. The single player mode, in my experience, delivers some of the best atmospheric experiences in a long, long time... and the multiplayer, well I will speak mor eon that later this week.

Check it out:

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