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Want to be a Microsoft Xbox Live lab rat?

by: Jeremy -
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How would you like to help Microsoft run network tests using your Xbox 360 and earn rewards in the process? Microsoft has revealed a new program called Xbox Live Labs which will allow you to do just that...

The Xbox Live Labs program kicked off yesterday and runs through March 27. Interested participants can sign up through the Xbox Live Marketplace on the Community tab. Once you sign up for the program, you will receive be able to run the testing application and begin earning your rewards. Now, please note that running the test application will take up quite a bit of your personal bandwidth; Major Nelson warns that participants will be unable to participate in other Xbox Live activities such as gaming and music / video streaming while the app is running. Users may also notice slower internet connectivity on their other internet devices as well.

Those who do participate in the program will be given a zero point achievement on their gamertag for each test completed, noting their participation. Tests will also yield avatar rewards such as a lab coat, brain helmet, and mad scientist hair, which you can use to expand your Xbox Live avatar’s wardrobe.

This program is only being offered in North America at this time.