Call of Duty: Black Ops is the biggest selling game in the US of all time...all time

by: John -
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Peter's going to be doing his great NPD analysis so I won't talk about that, but after last month Call of Duty: Black Ops has become the biggest selling game in the US.  The previous title holder was Wii Play.

Digest that for a minute. A game, developed by a studio that's not even the original creator of the series, becomes the biggest seller to date. Treyarch's had some solid hits in the past, but who knew they would churn out the the biggest seller in the US.

I thought Black Ops had a one of the best single player experiences of the series, but the multiplayer's got some pretty bad bugs in it. I've really dropped back in playing it online, unlike Modern Warfare 2 where I just couldn't stop playing up until the release of Black Ops. I don't know if I just got saturated with COD multiplayer that Black Ops just didn't appeal to me as much anymore, but that's pretty crazy to see Black Ops being so popular.

All I know is, the next Call of Duty has some pretty big shoes to fill in terms of sales.