Autumn Games reveals Skullgirls

by: Jeremy -
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Revenge Studios and Autumn Games are teaming up to bring a new 2D fighting game to the market, called Skullgirls. The new title brings together a collection of fierce, fighting females in a lavish, Dark Deco world.

The debut trailer for the game is shown below. The title is expected to be released this summer though the final lineup of platforms has yet to be revealed. The title has been shown at recent events such as GDC running on the PSN / PlayStation 3, but an XBLA port isn’t out of the question. The game has a unique visual style thanks to the work of Alex Ahad of Scott Pilgrim fame, which gives it an old school feel.

Fighting games are back, and in a big way. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see other developers making a return to the genre after the recent success of Capcom and Arc System Works.

Source: Shoryuken