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Clarification / correction: Torchlight on Japanese XBLA

by: Jeremy -
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As it turns out, the news reported this morning by our site and many others that Torchlight for the Xbox Live Arcade had been cancelled due to bugs isn’t exactly accurate. The reasoning expressed in the previous news posting was a result of a poor translation from the original source material. Microsoft has since issued an official statement clarifying the situation:

“We made the decision to not launch “Torchlight” on Xbox LIVE Arcade in Japan due to localization complexities; not due to bugs. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

The fact is, the game was never actually planned / ported for a Japanese release. The “issues” that existed were not bugs, but the fact that there wasn’t a translation in place to secure a Japanese launch. This makes a lot more sense than what was first reported; as I mentioned in my original posting, there was obviously more to the story that what was originally being reported. I am very relieved to hear that this was basically a non-issue and something that was simply translated incorrectly.

Thanks to Microsoft for contacting me and clarifying the matter.

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