Dead Island is as gorgeous as it is deadly

by: Jeremy -
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Deep Silver and Techland’s Dead Island sure seems to be the talk of the industry right now after an impressive debut trailer a few weeks back. Since the release of that trailer, the information about the game has slowly been making its way public. This week, the developer has released a slew of new screenshots showing off the highly anticipated game, and they look as beautiful as they do deadly.

I am just coming to my own conclusions here, but I think that the game looks like a mix of Dead Rising meets Left 4 Dead. One of the images below depicts the player using a machete that appears to have some sort of electrical current flowing through it; will you be able to craft your own weapon combinations using the various objects found in the game? It was already stated that your arsenal would be drawn from the items you find around the island, but no one has mentioned whether or not you will be able to combine them to make even deadlier weapons. 

Dead Island will undoubtedly be one of the game’s drawing a lot of attention at E3 this year, which is only a few short months away...

Source: Ripten

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