Kaos Studio's relocation still possible even with Homefront being THQ's biggest pre-ordered game

by: John -
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A lof of folks are excited about Homefront. So excited that it's become the top pre-ordered game for THQ at 200,000+ sales in the US alone. Still, there remains a good possibility that THQ will shut down the New York location and move them north to Montreal.

Speaking with Eurogamer, VP Danny Bilson said that that's just one of the many possibilities after the game ships. Costs will no doubt be less if they moved to Montreal, but that means uprooting families. Even if the game does really, really well, there's still a possibility that THQ will want Kaos Studios to go north.

Having a future that's a little uncertain must be pretty hard for some of the folks even if your game's getting a ton of good press. While I can understand the business decision, let's hope the game's successful enough that THQ can keep Kaos where they are and not have to upset the apple cart for some of the folks that work in the company.