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Torchlight hitting XBLA next week, new screens and info released

by: Jeremy -
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Runic Games isn’t going to settle for simply porting their hit-PC game Torchlight to the Xbox Live Arcade, the developer has announced that the new version will include new content in order to freshen the experience.

The Xbox Live Arcade version of Torchlight will feature a variety of new additions including additional armor, new weapons, more quests, and gameplay perks awarded through extended gameplay. One of the new features of the game is the ability to send gifts to your friends on XBLA for use in their game(s); while the game doesn’t support actual multiplayer gameplay, it does encourage friends to communicate with each through the game using the gift system by offering rewards and special prizes to those using the feature(s).

You can get your hands on the game next week, on March 9, for 1200 MS points and view some new screenshots below:

Source: Siliconera 

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