Gameloft brings Dungeon Hunter to the PS3

by: Jeremy -
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If Modern Combat is any indication of what Gameloft intends to do with converting their mobile games to console titles, then count me in for more. Gameloft has released a trailer for their next mobile-to-console conversion for PlayStation 3 and that will come in the form of Dungeon Hunter: Alliance.

Dungeon Hunter is a top-down RPG game in the same vain of Diablo or Dungeon Siege. The name of the game is taking on quests and gathering loot. The iPhone release of the game was very impressive and stayed in my gaming rotation on my iPod Touch until the day it died. The PS3 version of the game will boast up to 4-player cooperative play both online and off. The best part is that the game is only about a month away and will be released this April on the PlayStation Network.

Check out the announcement trailer: