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Is this a countdown for Modern Warfare 3?

by: John -
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A site titled www.findmakarov.com has popped up with that familiar sound, font, and color synonymous with Modern Warfare. Is this a countdown for the announcement of the third game in the series?

Makarov was the one that turned on you in the infamous No Russian mission of Modern Warfare 2, thus setting off the war in the second game. Yeah, it was a pretty silly storyline, but you never get to see Makarov after that mission. Perhaps the third game has you going after the terrorist as the main storyline.

The countdown coincides with GDC so maybe we'll be getting the news at the conference. Or, this is all just a fake site, but I have a feeling we'll be seeing the news about the next Call of Duty game then since Activision wants one out every year and November's not too far away for a release of a Call of Duty game.