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Dead Space 2 DLC dropping next week

by: Jeremy -
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EA announced the first batch of official DLC for Dead Space 2 the same week that the title launched... and now we know exactly when that will be. The first DLC pack, entitled “Severed” will hit bith the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade on March 1, 2011.

The new chapter of the hit game puts players back into the role of Gabe Weller who was featured in the Wii / PSN spin-off Dead Space Extraction. The pack will add two completely new, single player chapters to the game, telling Gabe’s story during the events of DS2. The pack will cost $6.99 / 560 Microsoft points.

You can prepare yourself for the journey (back) into the darkness with the new DLc trailer below:

Source: Game Informer

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