Net Points: My Player comes to Top Spin 4

by: Peter Skeritt -
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It's certainly fun to play sports games as your favorite athletes. Crushing fastballs with David Ortiz, throwing touchdown passes as Peyton Manning, and scoring goals with Sidney Crosby put video game players in the shoes of some talented individuals. The ability to put yourself into a sports game and compete with those athletes is also a major source of fun. You can try to out-drive John Daly or take corners faster than Jimmie Johnson, competing to see who the best really is. 

The latest Developer Diary for Top Spin 4 introduces the new My Player mode. In this mode of play, players will create their own characters, evolve their on-screen athletes through gameplay and training, and learn new skills through coaches and meeting their specific objectives. The presentation for the My Player mode is sleek and streamlined, and there are plenty of customization options to create players with many different unique features. 

Here's a brief summary of the My Player features:
  • Player Creator features 40 face presets per gender, over 100 different haircuts, over 40 facial hair styles (for male players), multiple makeup options for female players, and facial customization for a unique look for each player. 
  • Players evolve by earning experience points (XP) during matches. XP can then be applied to specific gameplay styles in order to level them up. 
  • Coaches that players meet during the course of My Player will have specific goals and objectives for the player. There will be over 100 different coaches in Top Spin 4; some will develop player strengths while others will look to shore up weaknesses. As new coaches are met, any current coach can be replaced at any time. 
You can check out the accompanying video here that covers My Player in more detail. Top Spin 4 hits retail on March 15th, and we'll be reviewing the action soon.