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Microsoft (finally) confirms Kinect SDK

by: Jeremy -
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Considering what some people have managed to create unofficially with Microsoft’s Kinect peripheral, I cannot wait to see what they come up with when they get their hands on the official tools. Microsoft has finally announced an official SDK for non-commercial use launching next month.

The non-commercial Kinect SDK will launch sometime in March and is designed for personal use. A commercial-grade application for the development of paid applications is expected in the near future as well. An official set of tools for the device could lead to some very interesting projects. The programming world has been able to work wonders by hacking the device on their own since its launch back in November and now the limitations could be endless. With an official set of development tools, many programmers may be able to design programs and drivers for use on more than just the Xbox 360.

This could get very interesting…

Source: Pocket Lint

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