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inFAMOUS 2 special editions and preorder bonuses announced as well

by: Jeremy -
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As Chuck pointed out earlier, Sony has finally announced a firm release date for the upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive inFAMOUS 2. In addition to releasing the base version of the game, there will also be a special edition and preorder bonuses galore at participating retailers.

In addition to the base sku, the previous leaked HERO edition is in fact a reality and its contents have been shown for the first time. The HERO edition of the game will include a wide variety of extras including:
  • inFAMOUS 2 game on Blu-ray
  • 8.5 inch Cole McGrath statue
  • DC mini-comic of inFAMOUS #1
  • replica Cole McGrath sling pack
  • official soundtrack of the game
  • voucher code for a variety of in-game content from PSN
Various participating retailers across the nation will be offering a variety of preorder bonuses for pre-paying for the game. All of the offerings have been shown, but it is currently unknown which stores will offer which items. All of these items will be available via the voucher code included in the HERO Edition of the game.
  • 24K Gold Amp weapon
  • Kessler skin
  • lightning hook
  • electrocution grenade
  • digital copy of the soundtrack
You can see a wide variety of images for the game below, including the final box art, HERO Edition contents, and in-game images of the bonus pre-order content: