Telltale Games lays claim to The Walking Dead

by: Jeremy -
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The rumors have been swirling for months and Telltale Games has finally made it official: they have secured the rights to produce a series of games based on The Walking Dead. The first installment of what will be an episodic series will launch later this year.

Telltale has secured the rights through an agreement with the series comic creator Robert Kirkman which involves multiple titles, years, and platforms. The title will likely be an interactive story in the same vain of some of Telltale’s other titles such as Sam & Max and Back to the Future. Even though it hasn’t been specified, the games are expected to follow the comic book series rather than the AMC television series; even though the show is rather close to the comic origins, there are some notable liberties that have been taken. The comic book series has been running since 2003, much longer than the TV show which is less than a year old.

Source: Edge