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Liu Kang’s fighting style, let me show you it...

by: Jeremy -
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(bonus points for getting the above reference)

The reigning champion of Mortal Kombat was announced earlier this week for the new game with a brief trailer but you couldn’t get much of a feel for the changes his design had undergone. The previous trailer was very short and didn’t highlight Liu Kang’s abilities in the game... but this one does.

NetherRealm Studios has released a new Liu Kang trailer that shows not only quite a bit about the changes that the returning champion has undergone, but also some other fine fetails of the game. Throughout the gameplay footage in the clip, I noticed a couple of secondary costumes on his opponent’s, namely Johnny Cage’s suit. The scream-queen Sindel is also visible in a couple of brief shots.I also notice a few backgrounds that I don’t recall seeing previously.

I really like that they pay homage to Liu’s original fatality by including a variation of it in his X-ray move, which looks really nice. I am really hoping that his dragon fatality from the second game is back and better than ever...

Source: VG247

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