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Worst news of the week: Mirror’s Edge 2 in development hell

by: Jeremy -
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I have been on cloud 9 all week with the release of Marvel vs. Capcom 2, but the news that EA has put a hold on the development of Mirror’s Edge 2 has brought me back down to Earth.

The optimistic part of me thinks that it is important to note that EA has labeled the development of the game as stalled / on hold, and not officially “canceled”. A sequel to the critically acclaimed 2008 game was previously confirmed to be in development. According to the Vicachu Report, the project was placed on hold after an internal demo was distributed within the company. EA has not officially commented on the news as of this time.

I absolutely loved the original game and found it to be an incredibly fresh addition to the first person shooter style games of the industry. The parkour mechanics of the game took a little while to get used to but ended up being a lot of fun. I had some seriously high hopes for the second game in the series, hoping for an expansion on the multiplayer groundwork laid with the time trials of the first title. Hopefully EA and DICE will make their way back to the title after they finish with Battlefield 3... 

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