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Just so you know: DC Universe Online can’t be traded in

by: Jeremy -
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This is more of a public service announcement than anything else: Sony Online Entertainment has confirmed that retailers cannot sell used copies of DC Universe Online for the PlayStation 3. It turns out the each game disc is tied to the original user account created with that disc and there will be no exceptions. In the words of Sony, your DCUO “disc and account are one”.

This makes sense to me even though a large part of the internet community seems to be upset with this move. I support used games and buy them quite regularly myself, but people need to understand that the gaming industry is a business and that developers don’t get a single cent from used game sales. The time is coming when the developers and publishers will begin ramping up their opposition to the resale of their games; it is a slow process but I think that it is inevitable. I cannot show “hate” for a company that is truly doing something to protect its interest, no matter how much I do or don’t like it personally... at the end of the day it is all business, and I get that.

Source: LazyGamer

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