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PlayStation 2: It only does milestones

by: Peter Skeritt -
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Sony proudly announced this week that 150 million PlayStation 2 units have cumulatively sold worldwide since the platform was launched nearly 11 years ago in Japan. To say that number represents a lot of hardware is a gross understatement, and the fact that new PlayStation 2 units still sell today is a testament to the longevity of the platform. 

The success of the PlayStation 2 can be attributed to many different factors. The inclusion of a DVD player made the PlayStation 2 attractive to many families as the new disc format became the prevalent way to watch movies. Sony had built a strong brand after the success of the PlayStation from 1995 through 2000, and the company had forged strong relationships with some of the most recognizable third-party publishers in the business. There were PlayStation 2 games for literally everyone, from RPG fans to shooter fans, music fans to sports fans, and even niche fans had games to call their own. 

Here in 2011, it's still possible to buy a PlayStation 2 console and build a respectable library of games for a reasonable amount of money. I'm personally rebuilding my PS2 library, game by game. It was a time before DLC, before game patches and elimination of game modes and features, and a time when cheats were something that you couldn't buy. In recognition of this milestone, check out Sony's full press release after the jump... and maybe even give your own PS2 a little playing time this week. (I'm actually replaying Yakuza in advance of the release of Yakuza 4 in March!)
PlayStation®2 Sales Reach 150 Million Units Worldwide
PlayStation®2 Continues to Deliver Great Value To Users as a Home Computer Entertainment System with Games for the Whole Family
TOKYO, Feb. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony ComputerEntertainment Inc. (SCE)today announced that the cumulative sales of PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system reached 150 million units*(1) worldwide, as of January 31, 2011. This incredible milestone was reached in 10 years and 11 months since PlayStation 2's release in Japan in March 2000. 
With strong support from 3rd party developers and publishers worldwide and a slew of blockbuster franchises from first party studios including Gran Turismo, God of War, SingStar*(2)and Ratchet & Clank, PlayStation 2 features a vast library of more than 10,828 software titles, representing a broad range of game genres that appeal to everyone in the family. More than 1.52 billion units of PlayStation 2 software have been sold worldwide*(3).
PlayStation 2 was also successful in delivering intuitive game play through the highly popular DUALSHOCK 2 controller as well as through Eye Toy USB Camera, released back in 2003*(4). Using EyeToy Camera, players can physically interact within the game with their own image being projected to the TV monitor in real-time. It also tracks the users' hands or body movement through the camera. This new style of gameplay expanded PlayStation 2's users to a wider audience, including families and casual players.
Furthermore, PlayStation 2 was the first home computer entertainment system to integrate DVD technology, and the rapid growth of the install base helped establish DVD as the standard optical disc media format worldwide. Despite almost entering its 12th year since launch, PlayStation 2 system continues to serve as the entertainment centerpiece in many living rooms and is strongly supported in countries and regions, particularly in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and South America.
SCE will continue to further expand the PlayStation platform and create a new world of computer entertainment.
*(1) sell-in number
*(2) This title is not released in Japan.
*(3) As of the end of Dec, 2010
*(4) Release year differs by each country or region.
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