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You can’t have Mortal Kombat without Liu Kang

by: Jeremy -
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NetherRealm Studio’s new Mortal Kombat looks amazing... but their has been a really big hole in the announced roster. Surely they aren’t going to make a new Mortal Kombat game and not include the tournament’s reigning champion, Liu Kang. Rest assured, the champ is here and there is a new trailer to prove it...

The newest character trailer for the game, shown below, shows that Liu Kang is in fact included in the game. His trailer also shows off two additional characters that have yet to be officially unveiled. Both Shang Tsung and Kano are shown as competitors in the game. Liu appears to be a little more “violent” in this game; his fatalities has traditionally been less gruesome than the other competitors in the MK tournaments, but not this time around. It appears as if he has taken a page out of Kano’s playbook for the new game...

Source: Gamespot

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