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Beaches and Kinect go hand in hand

by: Dan -
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I always like to stumble upon branded video gaming that has been integrated into the travel and entertainment sector. It is kind of a warm & fuzzy to know that as a gamer and parent, I can go somewhere on a fabulous vacation and have that small piece of entertainment waiting for me or my kids. The latest example of that are the four Beaches Resorts located in the Caribbean. Each one of them have an Xbox 360 Gamer’s Garage with Kinect located in them. The Beaches resorts aren’t cheap, so having this little extra bit of entertainment is always welcome. If you are interested, you can book on the Beaches website for any of these four resorts:

Beaches Negril
Beaches Boscobel
Beaches Sandy Bay

Turks & Caicos
Beaches Turks & Caicos

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