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Gears of War Ultimate is now Gears of War Triple Pack

by: Dan -
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Back when a few of us were hanging out in Las Vegas for CES, Jeremy posted about the strange saga of a planned Gears of War bundle that was leaked by GameStop and Microsoft had to fess up to. The original report claimed that there would be a GoW 3 Beta key as well as Gears 1, 2 and a token for all of the DLC for $29.99. Microsoft denied the beta key through a statement to IGN and said the Ultimate name wasn’t the finalized name.

Today, we get the final details courtesy of Microsoft and it is pretty close to the original report. While there will not be a Beta key for Gears 3, it will include Gears 1, Gears 2 and the Gears of War All Fronts Pack. That pack (in the form of a token) allows players to download an additional campaign, 19 extra maps and 750 more achievement points. The final name is Gears of War Triple Pack and it will hit retail on February 15th for $29.99 as originally reported.