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AI War: Light of the Spire and 5.0 update

by: Ben Berry -
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Lot's of news out there today, and we only bring you the news thats fit to pad our news post count. Oops, I mean the news that's important headlining info. AI War is getting a new addition, called Light of the Spire. For $10, you get new music, 180 new ships, new AI, plus a bunch of map types, bonus ship classes, small factions, and a bunch of other new changes including a "Fallen Spire" campaign.

Underneath all that new content is a major free update to the primary game taking it to version 5.0. A nearly complete rebalancing of all of the combat ship types plus AI intelligence upgrades enhance what's changed. There were also big changes to the early part of the game to get you up and running faster as a new player.
The Light of the Spire
Arcen Games is proud to announce the release of AI War: The Light of the Spire, the game's biggest expansion ever. Available now for $10 through ArcenGames.com and coming soon to digital distributors.

The expansion is packed full of new additions. The "Fallen Spire" campaign brings in-game linear story elements to the title for the first time, and culminates in a whole new way to win. Players with minutes instead of hours should take to the new Defender Mode, offering bite-sized timed games against crazy AI aggression.

Light of the Spire also brings 180 new ships, including the powerful "Spirecraft" vessel class which stands as the second largest unit class in the game. New music from composer Pablo Vega, new AI types, map types, bonus ship classes, minor factions and quite a bit more packs the expansion to the brim. Prepare for a new war!

More information, screenshots, and a trailer can be found here, along with a comprehensive feature list: http://www.arcengames.com/w/index.php/aiwar-spire

AI War 5.0
Arriving alongside the LotS expansion is AI War 5.0, a massive update free to owners of the base game. Version 5.0 refines the title by taking the best of all past versions and blending them into the definitive AI War experience. While the game will continue to grow and evolve, 5.0 now serves as the foundation for the future.

With this update, nearly every combat ship in the game has been rebalanced in an effort to integrate all the new units added over the past year. Golems have been completely revamped and the AI have received major intelligence upgrades such as more proactive retreats, a network of core shield generators, and the new "stalking" mechanic where it lies in wait until the player is at their most vulnerable.

Players should also be pleased with significant adjustments to overall difficulty and the shortening of the early part of the game -- allowing you to "get to the good part" faster. Not to mention tons of performance improvements, as well as more of a general accessibility regardless of what level of player you are.

Interested parties can read all the additions, improvements and changes in massive detail here: http://arcengames.com/mediawiki/index.php?title=AI_War_-_5.000_Release

Updated Demos
Demos of both AI War 5.0 and Light of the Spire can be downloaded here: http://www.arcengames.com/w/index.php/aiwar-downloads

The demo can be unlocked into the full version of the game with a purchased license key.