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World of Tanks launches for Open Beta in NA and EU.

by: Sean Cahill -
More On: World of Tanks announced that World of Tanks is finished with their Closed Beta and is ready to take the next step by releasing an Open Beta to all players in North America and Europe.  Registration can be found at their websites listed in this release, and for those who are looking forward to their first 15v15 battle should get there ASAP.

World of Tanks Open Beta Launched for Europe and North America


London (27th January, 2011) - today announced the highly-anticipated start of the open beta phase for its upcoming free-to-play action-MMO game World of Tanks.  


After months of closed beta testing the company is ready to invite all players to sign up for the beta at: - for the North American server - for the European server.


Fans of MMO, action and strategy games, history enthusiasts and all those seeking for adrenaline pumping and fast-paced gameplay, can now download the client and engage into massive tank clashes with a wide variety of legendary WWII-era military hardware available in the game. In cooperation with their friends, players will be able to join the fight for global tank domination in fierce and uncompromising Clan Wars.


“Everyone at is very excited about launching the open beta as it’s an important milestone in the development of World of Tanks”, said Victor Kislyi, CEO of “We want to thank all those players who participated in the closed beta test and helped us make the game open to a bigger audience by reporting bugs and providing valuable feedback. Now it’s time for us to further enhance and polish the game before its final release”.  


For more information on World of Tanks, visit


About World of Tanks


World of Tanks is the first and only team-based massively multiplayer online action game dedicated to armored warfare. Throw yourself into the epic tank battles of World War II with other steel cowboys all over the world. Your arsenal includes more than 150 armored vehicles from America, Germany, and the Soviet Union, carefully detailed with historical accuracy.

A flexible system of authentic vehicle upgrade and development allows you to try any of the vehicles and weapons in the game. Whether you prefer to exhaust your foes with fast and maneuverable light tanks, make deep breaches in enemy lines with all-purpose medium tanks, use the force of giant tanks to eliminate opposing armored forces, or become a heavy sniper with long-range howitzers, each unit type has its own advantages and can be extremely effective when operated by a true tank ace.

But being a great tank commander alone isn't enough to win! In World of Tanks, it’s all about teamwork. Victory is achieved by combining your combat skills with those of the other members of your team, each playing their own role on the battlefield. Just add your favorite strategy to build your own iron empire and manifest the indisputable authority of the tank! Feel the TANK POWER!


Key Features:


·         Action-packed 15-vs-15 PvP Tank battles

·         Mixture of Action, Strategy, Simulation and MMORPG genres

·         150 Vehicles, thousands of upgrades

·         Unprecedented global Clan Wars

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