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MLB 2K11 perfect game trailer should have you wanting that million dollars

by: Dan -
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Last year, 2K Sports offered $1 million dollars to anyone that could pitch the first perfect game in MLB 2K10. It took a little longer than some of us expected, but two months after the games release, someone finally accomplished the feat.

This year, the $1 Million Dollar Perfect Game Competition is back, and 2K Sports is touting it with a new trailer. The Perfect Game Trailer for MLB 2K11 shows off some hardcore in-game action along with commentary that can be found when a perfect game is in progress.

I suspect that we may get a winner a little faster this year, I just hope that players don’t abandon their lives and do nothing but play MLB 2K11 as they attempt to throw that perfect game. Although, contestants of Survivor may disagree and think this is a much easier way to earn a cool million.