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No more joking... this is Mileena

by: Jeremy -
More On: Mortal Kombat
NetherRealm Studios has already addressed the issue of what they would do on a date with Mileena and now they want you to know who she really is... all joking aside.

The latest character bio for the new Mortal Kombat explains the origins and intent of the evil Mileena. As you will see in the video below, Mileena is as crazy as she is deadly and will stop at nothing to satisfy her thirst for blood. In an interesting change of the classic story, the vignette references her relationship to Kitana as being that of a rivalry whereas the original game(s) referred to them as sisters. I am finding it incredibly interesting to see all of the subtle storyline changes that are being imposed in the new version of the game.

Check it out below, if you are old enough:

Source: TRMK.org

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