Sordahon goes to hell... make that customer service (Two Worlds II video and strategy guide)

by: Ben Berry -
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The people over SouthPeak Games have got it going on. First, let's talk a bit about their PR manager Aubrey Norris; she's sort of deranged. And by sort of, I mean really very quite a lot deranged in the most awesome way possible. An example from the press release announcing the latest Sordahon trailer video is that she threatens to injure the people she sent the email to unless we admit she's our favorite redheaded gaming industry person. It's sort of like how your older brother gave you noogies until you admitted he was tougher than you. This is probably the single mildest example I can give as to why Aubrey Norris IS my favorite ginger (or for that matter, any hair colored) PR person in the industry.

Then let's talk about the continuing series of torturous predicaments Sordahon gets put in as we get closer to release date for Two Worlds II. He's now got a customer service gig at SouthPeak, because thus far the development team hasn't agreed to include him in the game. 


If the game is anywhere near as good as these videos have been; we're all gonna be drinking goats blood this time next week with @chupacaubrey.

Oh, and lest I forget, there will be a Bradygames strategy guide available on release day (next Tuesday) that includes a lot of useful information like maps, walk-throughs, base item cost, and essentially any other thing you'd need to be a lazy bastard instead of doing the work yourself. I'm personally against all strategy guides, but Aubrey would probably kill me if I didn't mention it here.