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SOE adds to the fun of DC Universe Online again; expands servers.

by: Sean Cahill -
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Sony Online Entertainment continues to see a push in their new MMO, DC Universe Online.  Due to the overwhelming number of players that have purchased and currently play the game, SOE announced that they would be adding more servers for the game for the second time.  DC Universe Online was released just last week on January 11 in North America, while European players saw it on January 14.  Since the NA launch, SOE decided to add servers almost immediately due to the amount of traffic that all servers were seeing.

What:   Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) is giving players the world over more room to flex their muscle in DC Universe Online.  Effective immediately, SOE has added new servers for both North America and Europe. Two new servers are now available for PvE, "Relentless" and "Last Laugh," while PS3 players in Europe get a new PvE server, "Justice for All" and a new PvP server, "Absolute Power."  


When:   All new servers are up and being populated now. 

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