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US console hardware sales shows growth for one system from 2009

by: John -
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Gamasutra has an analysis on the amount of hardware sales in 2010 and they're decreeing the Xbox 360 as a huge success. The final numbers show the Nintendo DS as the overall sales leader last year with the Wii coming in second. The Xbox 360, though, came very close to topping the Wii in sales last year, missing it by a hair. The PlayStation 3, PSP, and PS2 bring up the rear in that order.

When compared to 2009, the Xbox 360 was the only one to see a growth in sales, while the PlayStation 3 sold the same amount as last year. The 360 had an increase in 2 million over the numbers of 2009. The Wii and DS saw a decline, but their numbers are still huge. It's a little disappointing to see the PS3 be stagnant in sales, but we'll see how they do in 2011.