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Now Loading: New Releases for the week of 1/17/11

by: Jeremy -
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I think that we can officially consider the New Year in full swing as it appears as though the release calendar is starting to open up. While there are not a ton of titles pouring into stores, we are already starting to see some big names and that trend is going to continue in the weeks to come. Here are some of the titles that you can expect to find in stores this week:

  • Little Big Planet 2 for PlayStation 3- It’s like having 1,000‘s of new games added to the PlayStation Network daily... or that is at least how Sony’s marketing team is looking at it. Media Molecule’s incredible creation is back with more options for making your own levels, and now games, than ever before. This is going to be one of those titles that you have to own if you have a PS3...
  • Mass Effect 2 for PlayStation 3- Commander Shepard is back but this time he is cruising into your home(s) on a sleek black console courtesy of Sony. It may have taken them a year, but the team at BioWare is finally delivering the Mass Effect universe to PlayStation fans in what they are calling the definitive version of Mass Effect 2 available. The title will also be available for purchase over the PlayStation Network.
  • Mindjack for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3- Square Enix can do more than just Final Fantasy games you know... and this third person shooter should prove that. Mindjack is an interesting looking action game where players can “hack” into and control their enemies, vehicles, and civilians spread throughout the game world. 
  • Plants vs Zombies for Nintendo DS- Seriously, how many platforms can Popcap release their games on and still sell them? I would argue that there isn’t a conclusive answer to that question... This week, what is perhaps the best game that Popcap has ever made lands on a system that has the widest distribution of any in the industry: the Nintendo DS. This game, truly, never gets old...
  • Y's I and II Chronicles for PlayStation Portable- RPG fans can rejoice as two of the truly classic titles from one of the most beloved RPG series have been remade and packed together in a single package for Sony’s handheld.

  • Modern Combat: Domination for PlayStation Network- Gameloft brings their mobile phone shooter home with 16-player multipler at a discount price. A demo version will also be available.
  • Spare Parts for PlayStation Network- Spare Part sis a quirky, cooperative, action adventure game starring Mar-T and Chip who have to work together to escape the strange planet they are stuck on. A demo version will also be available.

Anything calling you this week? Let us know in the comment section below...
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