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Is Fallen Enchantress an expansion for Elemental: War of Magic? No.

by: Chad -
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Well, no and yes.  Stardock promised customers that purchased Elemental: War of Magic last year would receive the first two expansions free.  This was in response to the large outcry of players that had problems with the game.  Today we received the good news that the first expansion pack called Fallen Enchantress will see a Q2 2011 release.  What will it contain?  Here's a brief summary:
  • Unique locations that need conquered before settled
  • New characters and creatures
  • New tactical combat system and lore
However, it appears that it's not really an expansion but rather a new game.  It will be a standalone experience that can be played without even owning the original title.  Read the company's thoughts here on this process and what it means for players.  It's interesting to say the least.

[Updated: Now with art!]