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DC Universe adds two new PVP servers to cope with demand

by: Chuck -
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If you were having issues with DC Universe Online early yesterday you might want to log back in as Sony Online has added two new PVP servers to help even things out a bit.  Scaling issues are normal for the launch of a MMO as the demand on the server is peaked with everyone rushing in on the first day.  It is nice to see SOE being pro-active in managing the demand though. 

The servers are called "Cry for Blood" and "Blood Will Run".  I'm guessing the "There will be Blood" server is next in line and may or may not feature drinking of milkshakes. 
What: Due to the incredible response from new heroes and villains in DC Universe Online, Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) is giving players two new servers for Player vs. Player (PvP) combat. The new PC server is named "Cry for Blood," while the new PS3 server is named "Blood Will Run." This increases the total number of servers in North America from 14 to 16. Now players have two new game worlds where heroes and villains can fight each other while progressing through the game.
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