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First person hits level cap in Perfect World International

by: Chad -
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Even though it has been out for a few years, Perfect World International just now has seen its first player hit the level cap of 105.  What is notable about this is that the gamer hit level 105 without paying a penny of real-world money.  The level cap wasn't hit in a matter of hours like the recent expansion from Blizzard, but at least it's apparent that the game truly is free-to-play.  You can click here to check out the game for yourself.

Amazing Milestone Achieved in True Free-to-Play Fashion

FOSTER CITY, Calif. - January 12, 2011 Perfect World Entertainment Inc., a wholly owned US subsidiary of Perfect World Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: PWRD), today announced that the 105 level cap in its flagship massive multiplayer online role-playing game, Perfect World International, has been achieved. As a testament to the free-to-play model, the character who reached this milestone did so without the use of real world money, instead opting to trade with other players.

"While reaching level 105 is a milestone for Perfect World International , doing so without spending a dime is a testament to the name free-to-play," said Jonathan Belliss, Director of Marketing for Perfect World Entertainment Inc. "Perfect World Entertainment's games are designed to be truly free-to-play and when compared to subscription-based games, offers players the best entertainment value available on the market today."

Perfect World Entertainment is committed to providing all players with new and unique online gaming experiences on an ongoing basis and recently unveiled details on its latest Perfect World International expansion. Perfect World International: Genesis will offer a plethora of new content for players to enjoy, even after the level cap.

For more information about the latest Perfect World International expansion is available at the official website:

About Perfect World Entertainment Inc.
Perfect World Entertainment Inc., a subsidiary of Perfect World Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: PWRD), publishes free-to-play online games and provides online services in North America. The Company primarily publishes online games based on the Perfect World proprietary game engines and game development platforms. The Company's releases include "Battle of the Immortals," "Ether Saga Online," "Heroes of Three Kingdoms," "Jade Dynasty," "Legend of Martial Arts" and "Perfect World International," a free-to-play MMORPG which is currently played by millions of people worldwide; and a single-player action-RPG "Torchlight."
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