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Champions Online going F2P on January 25

by: Chad -
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A very big super hero MMO was released today in case you missed it.  That doesn't mean that Cryptic Studios wants people to forget about their super hero MMO, Champions Online.  In October we posted the news that the MMO was going free-to-play.  We finally have the date that it is going to happen: January 25.

I know what you're thinking.  Since it's keeping the option to subscribe to the game, froobs (as players that don't pay a subscription are called in Anarchy Online) are going to get a very reduced experience.  What would you think if I told you that froobs will have access to all zones and the full level cap?  They also have full access to PVP and more than 3,000 base costume parts?  You will be limited in some ways, like only having 2 character slots or smaller inventory.  

The limitations will probably be acceptable to many that just want to try it out, though.  Find out all of the differences and get every question you can think of about free-to-play Champions Online answered here!

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