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Celebrate DC Universe’s launch with an intro to Oolong Island

by: Jeremy -
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Sony Online Entertainment’s DC Universe Online launches today for both the PlayStation 3 and PC. The cross-platform MMORPG allows players to build their own superhero (or villain) and battle the forces of Braniac in order to stave off our world’s impending doom. SOE has released another informational video highlighting one of the game’s group combat alerts, aka special missions... this time showing off Oolong Island.

Oolong Island is a mysterious island in the south seas full of mad scientists and their creations. One scientist in particular has gone truly mad and taken over the island’s facilities for his own research, wrecking havoc on everyone else and anyone who opposes him. It will be up to you and your squad to restore some sense of peace and organization to the island.

I cannot wait to get started with my character(s)... check it out:

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