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Second dev diary released for Test Drive Unlimited 2

by: Chad -
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Do you love to drive exotic cars but don't have the money?  If so, you are most likely anxiously awaiting the release of Test Drive Unlimited 2.  It's scheduled for release on February 8 but that doesn't mean we have to wait to get more information.  

Atari has released the following video entitled "Dev Diary Part 2: Power is Nothing Without Control."  The developers take some time to discuss the feeling that players will have while driving the in-game vehicles.  How will rain affect control?  What does the physics engine provide to assist with realism?  

It's only a few minutes long so check it out if you are interested.

Gearing up for its highly anticipated February 8th release, the TDU2 Dev Diary series Part 2 takes you behind the scenes with the developers to hear about the new racing engine, how they reworked and upgraded the handling experience and much more. Hear from Atari Executive Producer Vince Farquharson, Eden Games Executive Producer David Nadal and Game Director Alain Jarniou as they walk you through the next iteration of Test Drive Unlimited 2.

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