Complete Japanese Wii bundle goes unsold

by: Sean Colleli -
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Back in November, Japanese retailer Enterking announced they would be selling a complete Wii bundle--no joke--for the holidays. Including every single game in the Wii's 408 title library, the mega-bundle would have cost 1 million yen, or about $12,000. Enterking planned to run a lottery if there was more than one buyer, but it tuns out they shouldn't have bothered--there were no takers on the bundle.

While buying the bundle was about half as expensive as buying everything separately, you have to wonder why someone would want every Wii game in the first place. Sure there are a lot of under-appreciated gems in the Wii library, but you get a massive load of shovelware along with it. That said, 408 games doesn't seem enormous when you see it all together in one place. I mean, look at that bundle, it's practically tiny.

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