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Odd Christmas video from World of Tanks

by: Chad -
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Is your e-mail inbox getting spammed with Best Wishes and Happy Holiday messages?  I imagine that few will be as original as this one from World of Tanks.  They've done some lighthearted videos in the past but this one just creeps me out.  Santa riding a tank?  That's just the beginning of the oddity.  Enjoy!

Christmas Greetings from and World of Tanks have prepared a special Christmas video, where the magic power of Santa Claus meets the brutal force of steel machinery. The video demonstrates how the all-famous open sleigh would look like in a world of tanks.

“The first present I got from Santa was a tiny plastic T-34, so I’m pretty sure that he just loves tanks. In fact, we’ve got a letter from Lapland recently with him asking to film a Christmas of his dream,” — says CEO Victor Kislyi. “We didn’t hesitate for long and have come up with something he will surely like”.

Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year!!!

World of Tanks PR Team
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