New box art for Two Worlds II

by: Ben Berry -
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Two Worlds II is ever so silently creeping up on us like spiders in the night, or maybe bees on a hot sunny day when we're napping on a blanket after a big picnic lunch. And when it gets here, we want to be able to recognize it easily, instead of having to fake remembering it like you did at your 10 year high school reunion and a girl who you made out with after prom walks up to you and you're like she sorta looks like someone I know, except if that person ate a whole nother person after that person had eaten an entire sizzlers buffet. To make recognizing Two Worlds II easier, and not have to awkwardly ask the counter guy if he has the game that you dumped the day you found out you were going to college with one of the hot chicks you always had a crush on... erm Two Worlds II.