Aliens Colonial Marines announcements incoming

by: Sean Colleli -
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When Gearbox announced that they were finishing the epically delayed Duke Nukem Forever, I was both excited and dismayed. Their focus on the long-exiled Duke all but signaled the death knell for Aliens: Colonial Marines, a squad-based FPS based in the acid-drenched universe of the xenomorphs that Gearbox had been working on for a while. Published by Sega, Colonial Marines started development back in 2006--yeah, things didn't look good there for a while. Gearbox said a few things about it back during the big PAX Duke debut but Alien news has been dark since.

Today Sega America's head of marketing Alan Pritchard reassured fans that Colonial Marines is still indeed on and not only that, they'd have some big news on it soon. I sure hope so. If Gearbox resurrected the most troubled game in development history just to push back another long-delayed title, that would be some bitter irony there. And a lot of pissed off Aliens fans.