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Mortal Kombat- Kratos reveal trailer

by: Jeremy -
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If the words and announcement wasn’t enough to convince you that Kratos fit into the Mortal Kombat universe, perhaps the new trailer will.

The trailer shown below was revealed during Saturday’s Spike TV VGA broadcast. Granted, there isn’t any actual gameplay shown, but this is something that should get every MK fan excited. NetherRealm Studios surely picked a good guest star in selecting the God of War and it definitely sealed the deal regarding which version of the game I want to get.

Some of the rumors floating around regarding Kratos’ appearance in the game states that he will only be available for multiplayer matches. He will not have his own story and cannot be selected when playing alone. I guess that makes sense on one hand, but I am sure that the minds at both NetherRealm and Sony could have come up with an adequate storyline for his inclusion in the game. He is the God of War afterall, or at least was...

Check it out:

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