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Sony switching up PlayStation community forums

by: Dan -
I just received the following e-mail with a letter from Sony stating that they will be switching up the PlayStation Community forums to a new platform within the next few weeks. According to the e-mail, it sounds like it should be a seamless switch, with both the current and archived feeds still available and posting and replying also unaffected. What will change is the ability to have a custom avatar, PlayStation team members as mods, improved layout and design, personalized homepages, micro-blogging and more scalability based on Sony’s optimistic proclamation that new folks will be “pouring in.”  Based on the NPD numbers from November, those logging in may well have to come from existing PS3 owners instead of new ones. Regardless, if you try to log into the community forums over the next couple of weeks and you run into some troubles, it may just be the migration to the new platform.