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NPD console sales for November

by: John -
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We haven't done an NPD article in a while but this was rather interesting. Bloomburg has issued sales numbers for each console in North America and it seems two of the three companies benefited from Black Friday and holiday sales beginning. The numbers are:

Xbox 360: 1.37 million
Nintendo Wii: 1.27 million
Sony PS3: 530k

Ouch Sony, ouch. The Xbox 360 continues a run of 6 months outselling the other two and did double digit growth over last year. Wii had a nice jump back up and was a little bit over what it did last year at the same time. The PS3, well, fell around 25% from a year earlier. This was also the month that Gran Turismo 5 came out and that did around 400K in sales. Even the release of the popular racing game wasn't enough to help the sales of the PS3 console.

It only does everything... except have good sales in the US during November.
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